Saturday, May 11, 2019

Moss Removal

Moss, it's everywhere and on everything! And although it adds to the shades of green that make up our beautiful PNW, it can be a pain!

Moss spreads through pores and thrives in dark, wet environments (hello Bellingham!). It has a shallow-root like system that attaches to your roof's surface and can erode your shingles. Moss also grows under the shingles, causing them to pull away from the roofing membrane and making clean up and removal, a tedious task.

Some companies use pressure washers and/or bleach, which can cause additional damage. These methods also don't get under the shingles and don't prevent the moss from growing back, thus have to be repeated many times throughout the growing season. At Bellingham Window and Gutter, we attack the moss by hand while taking care not to cause more destruction. We also have moss inhibitor available to customers to further discourage regrowth. With our preferred treatment plan, our customers generally only need twice a year maintenance at most.

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