Saturday, May 11, 2019

Roof maintenance saves you money

Roof maintenance saves you money!!!

Roofing companies make a lot of money on emergency service calls. Emergencies often are billed at substantially higher rates, especially if they occur on holidays, evenings, or weekends. Nobody wants Grandma to get soaked on Easter Dinner because you kept putting off that to-do list and the roof finally gave out.

Waiting for repairs to pop up and make themselves visible to you is a gamble that could cost you, even if it is not an emergency. If your roof turns out to be defective, it could cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace it, not to mention the time it will consume out of your already busy schedule. Hiring someone to inspect and maintain your roof is a lot less than most people think. Most of our customers need only minor maintenance, unless they really let things go, then they might be creeping into the moderate maintenance category.

To help our customers reduce costs and automate the process for them, we offer annual service plans at discounted rates.

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